Wire Rope Zip Lines

8mm Zip Line Kit
8mm Zip Line Kit
  • Model: WRZIP50

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What comes with the Kit:


THE ZIP WIRE, Made with 8mm diameter 7x19 Galvanised Wire Rope which is perfect for a zip line as it is flexible and galvanised so it protects against the elements. It has a massive breaking load of 6.42ton. The Overall Length will be 50 meters but can be altered to your measurements.  One end has a fabricated thimble eyelet, the other end is left blank so you can adjust the length to suit your needs (Wire Rope Grips and Thimbles Provided with this kit)


-WIRE ROPE SLINGS, Two 8mm 7x19 Galvanised Wire Rope Slings are included to securely anchor the Zip Line to fixing trees. We now supply these slings with a PVC tubing around them to prevent any potential damage to anchoring trees! These can be seen in the main picture!

 These Slings are 3meters long from Eye to Eye which will be long enough to go around most trees. If these need to be longer or shorter we can make them to your needs, simply just ask!


-Rope Tentioners, Two 12mm Galvanised Wire Rope Tentioners (Rigging Screws) are included to adjust your Wire Rope once the Zip Line is installed. These are also used to join your Zip Line and Wire Rope Slings together and are also helpful to pull your Wire Rope tight. These are 342mm long when closed and 540mm when fully opened.


-Grips and Thimble. 5 Rope Grips and a Rope Thimble will be included so you can make your Zip Line to your perfect length! 


-Quick Links, 2 x 10mm Electro Galvanised Plated Quick links are included as these may come in handy with your Zip Line Kit.


All different types of Zip Lines can be fabricated for your specific needs so please send us a message for a tailored Quote if this Kit does not fit your requirements. All Lengths and sizes can be made.


Pleae note, We can not supply the Zip Ride seat.

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