Wire Rope Swage Ends

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A Selection Of Steel Wire Rope Terminal End Fittings


Steel Wire Rope Swage Eyes, Swage Jaws, Swage Threaded Studs and Swage Rigging Screws are available for Crimping onto your Steel Wire Rope, we now sell a Hydraulic Crimping Tool which will crimp any of our fittings on upto 6mm Diameter Wire Ropes


We also supply unique DIY Wire Rope Swageless End Jaws, Swageless End Threaded Studs and DIY Swageless End Eyes which easily attach to you Steel Wire Rope via a Spanner. You can easily create your own Rigging with these Unique End Fittings. Our swageless fittings can be rapidly attached to 1x19 steel wire rope, 7x7 steel wire rope and 7x19 steel wire rope


Our Steel Wire Rope End Fittings are ideal for marine, architectural, tensioning, structural tensioning and display applications. Also ideal for fabric structures, cable bracing and mast stays.