Anchor Shackles

Galvanised and stainless steel anchor shackles

Stainless Direct have a selection of galvanised and stainless steel shackles. They are ideal to use with anchors or in other part of your mooring line.

We have a variety of anchor shackles from dee shackles to bow shackles. All are in stock and offer great value.

Order your value anchor shackles today.

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18 Items

Set Descending Direction

Which shackle should I use for my anchor?

Screw pin anchor shackles are the most common way to connect an anchor to your chain, we have a huge variety of stainless steel and galvanised shackles to suit your anchoring and mooring needs


When choose your anchor shackle we would always recommend going a size up in shackle from your chain size eg…. 6mm diameter chain would mean an 8mm diameter shackle


We would recommend to use the same material of shackle, chain and anchor, mismatching metals may cause corrosion especially if your mooring/anchor is submerged for long periods

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