Bollards, Cleats & Fairleads

Boat Cleats, Fairleads and Bollards

Stainless Direct stock a huge range of stainless steel rope cleats, halyards, mooring tie down cleats, fair leads and chocks.

Available in different patterns, our tie down fixing boat cleats will provide a secure fixing point for a range of marine applications and are built to last. They are suitable for mooring or to secure any line to your vessel.

All of our stainless steel cleats have a beautiful polished finish and are in stock ready to order now.

Stainless Direct have huge stocks of rope cleats in our UK warehouse, order yours today.

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Which Rope Cleat for my boat?

Stainless Direct stock several boat cleats to provide convenient locations to secure lines quickly and easily on any vessel. There are many different types and arrangements of boat cleats available to buy from stock here at Stainless Direct 

Installing rope cleats at regular locations along the port and starboard of your boat will ensure there is always a location to add an extra line, the more cleats you can reasonably fit to your vessel the more options you will have 

The number of cleats you can install on the dock depends on how big the boat is. Try to match them up with the location of the boat cleats for a customized fit. As a general rule we recommend installing cleats every 2-3 meters along the dock

What size cleat? The size of the cleat you install should depend on the size of the line you use, the size of the line you use depends on the size of your boat, the general rule is

  • Cleat length should be 1” length for every 1/16” of line diameter
  • Dock lines should be 1/8” diameter for every 9 feet of boat length

Above calculations are a minimum size, and, as with most things in boating and mooring – bigger is better

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