Anchor Swivels & Connectors

Chain and anchor swivels and connectors

A4 - AISI 316 stainless steel anchor mooring swivels are an important part of your anchor line. They ensure your anchor performs to its best ability and also avoids snagging and twisting your anchor chain.

We have single and double anchor connectors available along with eye and jaw pattern swivels - all come in multiple sizes.

Also in stock and available to buy are our hot dipped galvanised swivels. Order yours online today from Stainless Direct.

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7 Items

Set Descending Direction

Anchors swivels are an important component when selecting your anchoring system, a swivel or anchor connector join your anchor chain to your anchor. The main purpose for these swivels are to prevent twisting of your mooring chain if your boat swings when fully anchored. The less stress and strain you put on your mooring chain the longer your chain will last

We recommend using the biggest size swivel or connector that fits your chain and your anchor

When using a swivel with a fork or jaw it is good anchoring practise to use a shackle in between the swivel and the anchor rather than connecting the fork or jaw directly to the anchor

All of our swivels are load rated, it is very important to make sure your chain and swivels are of adequate strength. The stainless steel anchor connectors are popular with vessels that have a bow roller as the sleek design helps them ride esily over the bow roller compare to normal swivels


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