Stainless Steel Shield Anchors

Stainless Direct offer reliable stainless steel shield anchors.

They are made with A4-AISI 316 stainless steel.

Suitable for use in fixing into concrete and block work.

Ideal for fixing our stainless steel long shank eye bolts.

M6-M12 diameters available. Order yours online today.

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Grouped product items
Product A (mm) L (mm) Thread Diameter PRICE Qty
M6 Anchor Shield 10 40 M6
£2.62 £2.18
M8 Anchor Shield 14 50 M8
£3.47 £2.89
M10 Anchor Shield 16 60 M10
£4.30 £3.58
M12 Anchor Shield 20 80 M12
£5.62 £4.68
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