Stainless Steel Through Expansion Bolts

Stainless Direct offer A4 grade stainless steel through (thru) bolts / wedge anchors. These anchors are designed to fix a component to concrete and offers the advantage of needing the same clearance hole diameter as the drill hole.

Known also as a concrete anchors and threaded extension bolts, they are ideal for attaching steel components to concrete such as ledger angle, wall ties, support brackets, props and timber beams to concrete.

We supply these through bolts pre-assembled for rapid installation.

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm diameters available.

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Grouped product items
Product L (mm) D (mm) PRICE Qty
6mm Stainless Steel Through Bolt 80 6
£1.79 £1.49
8mm Stainless Steel Through Bolt 95 8
£2.63 £2.19
10mm Stainless Steel Through Bolt 100 10
£3.83 £3.19
12mm Stainless Steel Through Bolt 100 12
£4.07 £3.39
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