DIY Balustrade Wire - Steel Posts

This do it yourself A4 Grade (AISI 316)

Stainless Steel infill run offers an easy way to fit wire rope balustrade with basic tools, no swaging required

You will receive a pre-swaged onto steel wire rope adjuster one end and a swageless jaw fitting for the other end which can easily be attached to the blank end of the supplied wire rope 

Your 2 fixing collared eye bolts will act as your location attaching points in your steel posts, these are 100mm long but can easily be cut down

Different lengths are available


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Balustrade Run Type 2 1 Meter
£27.59 £22.99
Balustrade Run Type 2 2 Meter
£28.79 £23.99
Balustrade Run Type 2 5 Meter
£32.39 £26.99
Balustrade Run Type 2 10 Meter
£34.79 £28.99
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