Stainless Steel Wire Rope Plant Training Aid Kit 1

Stainless steel plant training kit 1

All items in this kit are made from A4-AISI 316 stainless steel

This kit will enable you to install a single plant training run

This kit includes-

  • 1x pre cut length of 3mm 7x7 stainless steel wire rope (multiple lengths available)
  • 4x 3mm stainless steel wire rope grips
  • 1x6mm hook/eye turnbuckle
  • 2x 6x60 wood screw eye bolts
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Product Overall Length Wire Diameter (mm) PRICE Qty
Stainless Steel Plant Training Kit 5 Meters 3
£12.60 £10.50
Stainless Steel Plant Training Kit 10 Meters 3
£15.59 £12.99
Stainless Steel Plant Training Kit 20 Meters 3
£19.19 £15.99
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You can buy numberous kits to suit how may runs you require


The kit comes with a turnbuckle so you a permanent inline tensioner


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