Stainless Steel Soft Annealed Locking Wire

Stainless steel locking wire

Made from A4-AISI 316 stainless steel

Available in diameters, 0.71mm, 1.00mm and 1.60mm

Commonly used in high vibration situations, used to prevent fasteners from shaking loose

Very flexible and pre reeled




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Product Overall Length Item Weight (kgs) Wire Diameter (mm) PRICE Qty
0.71mm Stainless Locking Wire 80 Meters 0.25 0.71
£9.59 £7.99
1.00mm Stainless Locking Wire 81 Meters 0.50 1.00
£11.99 £9.99
1.60mm Stainless Locking Wire 64 Meters 1.00 1.60
£15.59 £12.99
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