Galvanised Plough Type Anchors

Galvanised plough anchors

Sizes range from 5kg-16kg

Feature a strong hinge that can cope with directional tide changes




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Product A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) F (mm) PRICE Qty
5kg Galvanised Plough Anchor 455 210 320 200
£43.20 £36.00
7kg Galvanised Plough Anchor 500 235 325 200
£60.00 £50.00
9kg Galvanised Plough Anchor 605 235 390 225
£77.59 £64.66
12kg Galvanised Plough Anchor 655 285 410 315
£91.90 £76.58
16kg Galvanised Plough Anchor 740 320 450 325
£138.48 £115.40
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Questions and Answers

Q: What are the benefits of plough type anchors

The low center of gravity and self-righting geometry of a plow anchor mean it will set nearly immediately. When the current catches the plow, it buries itself for a solid hook. The plow’s shape allows it to reset easily should the wind or tide swing the boat. Plow anchors are well suited for rocky bottoms, weeds and grass, but they are not recommended for soft bottoms. This anchor’s high holding power makes it ideal for windy conditions on open water.

Q: Do you keep these anchors in stock?

Yes, we have large UK stocks, order today and delivery will be 2 working days approx


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