Galvanised Steel Wire Rope Grips DIN1142

Galvanised wire rope grips din 1142 

These grips are tough and corrosion resistant

We recommend you use three clamps on each end to ensure the eyes are secure

Our din 1142 grips suit wire rops ranging from 5mm-16mm diameters






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5mm Grip 13 M5 7 13 25 13 25 5
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6mm Grip 17 M6 8 16 32 14 30 6
£0.26 £0.22
8mm Grip 20 M8 10 20 41 18 39 8
£0.43 £0.36
10mm Grip 24 M8 12 20 46 21 40 10
£0.55 £0.46
13mm Grip 30 M12 15 28 64 29 55 13
£1.15 £0.96
16mm Grip 35 M14 18 32 76 35 64 16
£1.87 £1.56
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A simple guide on how to use and fit your steel wire rope grips

  • DIN 1142 Steel Wire Rope Grips should be spaced six wire rope diameters apart to give adequate holding power (eg. 5mm wire rope = 30mm distance between grips)
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 grips per end for diameters upto 6mm and 4 grips for diameter 8mm - 19mm
  • They should be tightened before the rope is placed under tension
  • After the load is placed on the wire rope, tighten the clamps again to take care of any lessening in rope diameter caused by tension of the load
  • Regularly check the nuts ensuring they are still fastened tightly
  • The Wire Rope Grips are sized like for like, eg. If you have 5mm wire rope then buy 5mm grips, each grip allows that diameter of wire to pass through twice to form a loop
  • It is generally accepted that you should achieve 50% of the wire rope breaking load as a guide to holding power
  • We recommend using these wire rope grips with a 7x19 flexible strand of steel wire ropes - do not use these grips with the stiff 1x19 wire rope strands



Please take note of the above image, the dead end of the wire (cut end) should always be at the top, the live end should always be at the bottom on the saddle

Below are recommendations for turnback and torque settings for DIN 1142 specification steel wire rope grips


It is strongly recommended and in some applications required that the wire rope grips are regularly inspected. This is required because the products in use may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading etc. with a consequence of deformation and alteration of the material structure. Inspection should take place at least every six months and even more frequently when the products are used in severe operating conditions

The above information is for guidance only, DIN 1142 wire rope grips should not be used for lifting or safety critical applications


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