Stainless Steel Dome Head Balustrade Terminal with Internal Thread

Stainless Direct supply M6 and M8 stainless steel dome head terminals with internal threads suitable for balustrades.

These dome heads have internal right handed female threads with allen key sockets on the dome head to enable you to screw onto a stud.

Once screwed onto a stud fitting, it can be used as a tensioner as well as a sleek way to terminate your balustrade run at the rear of your post.

We recommend using a 8mm washer for the M6 internal threaded dome nut and a 12mm washer for the M8.

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Product A (mm) D (mm) D1 (mm) A1 (mm) A2 (mm) GW PRICE Qty
M6 Internal Thread Dome Nut 30 12 8 24 4 M6
£3.34 £2.78
M8 Internal Thread Dome Nut 35 16 12 28 5 M8
£4.79 £3.99
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