M8 Stainless Steel Internal Threaded Dome Nut Adjuster

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SKU: 8464408
GW M8 Right Handed
D 16mm
D1 12mm
A 35mm
A1 28mm
A2 5mm
Finish Polished

Designed to be used with our stainless steel swage stud terminals to create a terminal adjustable end for wire balustrades.

This dome head has an internal right handed female thread, it is used in wire balustrade systems.

We recommend using a M12 washer with this fitting.

By using a swage stud at the end of your wire, you can screw the swage stud into this fitting at the end of your post. When used with a M12 washer, it then acts as an adjustable tensioner as well as a sleek way to terminate your balustrade run. Tightening this once the swage stud is attached it will create tension.

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