Stainless Steel Wire Rope Swage Toggle Jaw Terminals

Stainless steel swage toggle wire rope swage end 

A4 - AISI 316 stainless steel with polished finish 

Flexible swage toggle fork end allows for steel wire rope to be attached, the flexible toggle jaw allows you use this fitting on angles or where movement may occur in your rigging line

Removable clevis pin with a split ring

Sizes suitable for Steel Wire Rope Diameters 3mm 4mm and 5mm

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Product A (mm) L (mm) H (mm) D (mm) Suit Wire Diameter (mm) PRICE Qty
3mm Swage Toggle 7 75 15 6 3
£2.90 £2.42
4mm Swage Toggle 10 89 20 8 4
£3.35 £2.79
5mm Swage Toggle 12 104 25 9 5
£4.19 £3.49
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