Guard Rail Wire & Fittings

Steel wire rope guard rail, safety wires and fittings

Stainless Direct have an extensive selection of marine grade stainless steel fittings to create a guard wires and life lines for your boat.

Guard rail kits use our 4mm stainless steel wire rope with a white PVC coating. They come with DIY easy to fit jaw ends terminals that can be adjusted to keep tension on your guard rail line.

Lifelines are one of the most critical safety components on our boats. Whilst they are something to lean against whilst cruising, or hiked from when racing, their most important role is to act as the last and final attempt to keep your crew member safely onboard your boat.

Lifelines which are sometimes referred to as guardrails line the perimeter of the boat. They are designed to absorb and dissipate energy into the deck following the impact of a high dynamic load e.g. the weight of a crew member.

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26 Items

Set Descending Direction

Stainless Direct are UK stockists of yacht guard rail wire and fittings, from DIY kits, guard rail coated stainless steel wire or the wire end fittings... all available to buy today at great value 

Guard wires are an essential safety feature on most yachts, they are also known as lifelines

Guard rail wires should be carefully examined for broken strands, especially where the wire exits the swaged fitting or the eye termination and where they pass through stanchions. You will have to slacken each wire and draw it through the stanchion to fully inspect

Stainless direct offer DIY life line guard rail kits, pre-made life lines or all the components you will need to replace existing lines

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