Grade 80 Short Link Alloy Steel Lifting Chain BS-EN818

Grade 80 short link chain

Sizes range from 7mm-13mm diameter

Approved for overhead lifting and towing

Once cut we can not refund your chain






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Product H (mm) D (mm) E (mm) Weight Per Meter (kgs) WLL (kg) PRICE Qty
7mm Grade 80 Lifting Chain - Per Meter 9 7 21 1.1 1500
£7.63 £6.36
8mm Grade 80 Lifting Chain - Per Meter 10 8 24 1.4 2000
£10.03 £8.36
10mm Grade 80 Lifting Chain - Per Meter 14 10 30 2.2 3150
£11.06 £9.22
13mm Grade 80 Lifting Chain - Per Meter 18 13 39 3.8 5300
£20.86 £17.38
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Questions and Answers

Q: What is a grade 80 chain?

Grade 80 chain was specifically designed to for the rigorous requirements of overhead lifting applications. Grade 80 Chain is a Premium quality high strength alloy steel. Grade 80 chains are also referred to as Grade 8, System 8, Spectrum 8.

Q: Is Grade 80 chain approved for overhead lifting?

Yes it is approved for overhead lifting

Q: If i order 20 meters of this chain will it be supplied in one single length?

Yes, our chain is priced per meter but supplied in a single linear length, so if you order 20 qty it will be supplied as a single length of 20 meters

Q: I want 4 lengths of 5 meters but the basket adds the quantities together, how do i ensure i get the chain cut?

The website will add the quantities together so order the gross amount and simply leave us a note at step 2 at checkout requesting the chain to be cut there (see below)


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